25 February 2006

Yay for interviews!

I think the interview this morning went really, very well. I stayed coherent long enough to get through the important stuff and I think my interviewers liked me. And, of course, I looked good. Weird fact that they tossed us; there were 70% women and 30% men applying to the program this year. (450 applicants and around 200 of those get interviews.) Does that seem like an abnormally strange ratio to anyone else? I think last year it was closer to 50/50 or at least 55/45, something like that. My hopes are up though my worries about course load have multipled exponentially.
It was nice to hear that it's really not at all competitive once you're in. They really work hard to help each other and make sure everyone makes it through. That's one thing that made me feel a little alienated here on the regular campus, everyone is so competitive and trying to put each other down to get ahead (though, of course, there are exceptions and those who've helped me so much that it would be rude to generalize them out of the thanks they more than deserve.) So anyway, YAY about today's interview!!!
That's really all that's on my mind right now other than the talk I need to have with one of my roommates (and no, it's not Julia). I hate it sometimes that I get so upset about something and yet she's not here to go through it with when I want to talk about it so I end up cooling off and not saying anything when she really deserves exactly everything I think of originally when I get pissed. This time, though, we are doing some talking. Not in front of her friends and, most likely, not in front of the other roommates. Hopefully she'll realize I am trying to show her some respect and that I'd appreciate a little in return but here's to low expectations and being the bad guy (er, gal).
Anyhooo.... Happy Weekend to everyone! Mum made it back safely! YAY!


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