06 March 2006

Blessed are those who study their minds away for tomorrow they may sleep

Climbing this morning was empowering. I didn't do very many runs and my wrists ache but I still feel good about it. And it didn't hurt that the experienced climber that's my height had trouble at the same place on one of the medium routes that I'd had. In fact it took him about ten tries before he made it to the top on that run. Which is totally encouraging for me since I'm a total beginner and still sort of held my own for a while on that one. Woohoo!
I'm now sick of botany studying. And it's even worse that I can't walk past a plant that I see on campus or out driving and not try to remember what family it's in if we've covered it or specific identifers if we haven't... Grrrr... It haunts me!!!! Make it stop!!! Evil plants... Next up is Genetics...
I wrote out my outline for speech that's due tomorrow. I should go in this afternoon to his office hours and make sure that's what he's looking for... Eh, we'll see how I'm feeling in two hours. (totally one of THOSE days) It's a special occasion speech; Mine is a valedictorian speech. Really cheesy and nothing like I'd really present to my own former HS classmates but it should fill the requirements and get me a passing grade. Which is all I'm looking for in a speech right now.
Elise and her boyfriend are back together and as a result last night there was a strange boy in our kitchen. No introductions were made but we all chatted along like we were old pals. He has to be one of Cody's wrestling buddies but beyond that I have no idea... (okay now I take it back since I just looked it up on SoonerSports. Internet makes it so easy to find things... Julia, looks like he's
Josh Hinton?) Anyway, just after they left, Dread, Eddy, and Steve showed up with new guy Nick to watch "Walk the Line" (good movie, by the way, but speaking from past viewing since I was studying last night). So it was new guy night last night. Always an intersting time at our house.
Study time again! WOO! Good luck to anyone else with tests this week!


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