10 March 2006


Just got advised for next fall's courses, the in-case-I-Don't-get-into-Pharm plan, and I'm pretty sure my advisor thinks I'm an idiot. Not that she would say such a thing, she's one of the nicest, most polite people I've ever met, but sometimes ya can just tell, you know? I mean, I'm not actually in the honors college and I get advised there. I'm still listed as undecided on all my paperwork because here they don't count the pre-programs to be actual majors. I apparently want to get a botany degree if I don't make it into pharm. (Really, who knew???) It really didn't help that this morning I wasn't quite feeling like myself. (More on that in a minute...) And the whole, "Well, it's pretty much settling either way, so I don't really care which one I take." statement from me just sounded sad. She was really pushing for a zoology degree but gave in when I pointed out that botany required fewer classes to get that degree. I guess I understand her point, I mean, what would I do with a botany degree???? Probably sell flowers on street corners in New York. That's what you have to do if you have a botany degree and can't got to the tropics to do research (which I can't because we all know that Grandmum won't come visit me if I leave the contiguous United States.) (OH! Did I mention that Grandmum has an email address now??? Not that she knows how to turn on the computer by herself but. Email. Address. Go Grandmum!!!!) ((OH! TOUR GROUP TO STARE AT like, "Ewwww!!! Who are you? Don't come here, it sucks, I mean why else would I be staring at you like this if I wasn't unhappy with this library thing." Oh yeah. That was fun.))(No, I didn't really stare at them like that. But I thought about it. And it's the thought that counts...)(Could I have one more phrase parenthesied??? Oh, and I made up that word. It should be parenthesized. But whatever.)
Work yesterday went really, really well. My little old lady was very sweet (she asked me, and everyone who came into the room, to call her "Grandma" instead of "Mrs. ---") and she slept alot so I got a little reading done and watched too much TV. Good way to spend the afternoon I suppose.
Going home soon! Can hardly wait! It's going to rock! ("And it will be NEAT!!!") Even if we just sit there and watch TV the entire time I'm there, it will be a good Spring Break. Wooohooo!!!!


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"It really didn't help that this morning I wasn't quite feeling like myself. (More on that in a minute...)" I don't believe you elaborated on this... :D

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