17 March 2006

Friday review

It's been a busy week; A nice break from the normal busy of school though. I just got back to the college house from parent's house. Very quiet here compared to home but I'm not complaining since it means I can get laundry done and finally update on here.
Did some more shopping with Mum a couple of days ago; Found a really cute white ruffly skirt and a nice black purse to replace the one I tripped on and broke the handle off of. It was a very successful hunting trip, if I do say so myself. There's a neat sale at Hancock's this next weekend that I'll be taking full advantage of so watch out! There's going to be a storm of sewing (someday, when I have time to sew!!!)!!
Just watched "In Her Shoes" since Elise left it in the DVD player. Pretty cute little movie. I liked it anyway. One of those movies that makes you appreciate siblings, especially in movie form. (Love you bro!)
I also like how the daffodils are coming up and blooming everywhere, in the most unexpected places.
Cleaned house and my room. I really like it when the house is clean. Makes me feel better somehow, like I've helped add a tiny smidge of order to the world. Lovely feeling.
Well, guess it's on to practicing my special occasion speech for this next week... Happy weekend ya'll!!!


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