10 March 2006

Salutatorian Speech from HS

This is my Salutatorian speech from HS graduation... Cheesy but I just found it and read it over. I still like most of what I said. I don't think I was too idealistic or stupid and I got my points across well enough. Hope you enjoy and get a kick out of it if nothing else...

Today is the last day we great each other as high school seniors. It has taken a long, long time but we’re finally here. As I wrote this for tonight, I kept getting sidetracked just thinking of our past, all the good times and those thankfully few bad ones; the laughter and tears we shared over the past 13 years. I began with some of you in kindergarten, others joined along the way. Through it all, we’ve been a class above the rest. We are the class of 2003.

And as we greet the future, we begin to go our separate ways. Some to college; others to begin careers or families. Everyone must find his or her own place in the community and in life. Personally, I believe I am ready but there is that sense of running scared at the same time. It’s like going to the haunted house at an amusement park. You know you want to go and the surprises inside are worth the wait in line. Once you’re there, it is scary but you know at the end everything will be alright.

We’re all in line now waiting for the doors to open. I challenge you, even if you aren’t scared like I am, have fun with your life. Laugh a lot. Make your mistakes but laugh at them and learn. Go grow up.

These last thirteen years your teachers and family have been helping you grow and make a better you. Now it’s your turn. Go do something with yourself and be all you can. Live your dream or even create a new one. Whatever you choose to do, give it your best shot; what do you have to lose?

Before I forget, you guys look great. Very nice; A proud addition to the growing collection of prestigious El Reno High School Alumni. Looking forward, I know in ten years I won’t be able to find any of the young men and women sitting in front of me today. You will have changed into mothers and fathers, teachers and doctors, businessmen and farmers. Put the past behind you; even though it was great it should not hold you back.

As we all take that next step, I wish you all the best the world as to offer. Thank you for our past, today has been fun, and I hope to see you all in the future. Good night.


Anonymous Galen adoringly said...

very nice. im not any good at writing speeches... i just get up there and wing it.

3:45 PM  

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