20 March 2006

Monday's back in town...

Had a nice work-filled, rainy weekend. Not too bad really. Saturday's was really easy though a tad frustrating. Sunday's was fairly easy and rather sad. I always hate doing suicide watches, especially when they seem to be such nice people who just encountered problems that got to be too much to handle. Life can be pretty cruel sometimes.
Got a lot of reading done anyway. I'll try to remember to post some of what I wrote down while I was thinking yesterday.
"Hey! Everybody, I just wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you! I know I'm crazy, crazy for God, and I don't know what kind of problems are going on in your lives but God loves you! Don't forget that!" That is what a girl on the bus this morning stood up and said to a bus full of strangers. I wonder what it says about me that all I could think of while she was speaking was how lucky she is that we live in America with the freedom to do what she's doing. When she sat back down no one really said anything or did anything. She wasn't applauded but then again she also wasn't booed or arrested. (Well, it was at 8am on Monday morning after Spring Break so maybe no one had the motivation to do anything?)
Another tour group... NI!! (Dude! What would they do if I started going through the Knights of Ni routine at the tour group??? That would be so funny and they'd be so confused!!)
Feeling rather complaceint right now... might be the weather but I'm going to cite the lack of sleep...
Wish me luck on my speech tomorrow! Happy Monday ya'll and sunshine smiles to balance out the rain!!!


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