29 March 2006

Rainy Day

It's a beautiful rainy day... And I'm loving it of course...
There's a little old man at the information desk here trying to get help with printing some sort of government documents... The woman at the desk wants to email him the info or give him the link address but he doesn't know how to use computers and it's getting him really frustrated. I really feel for him since I think it's a little sad that absolutely everything is computer based now (granted, for me it's also rather convient but I feel like rebelling sometimes and insisting on using those library skills they forced me to learn in elementary school. I HAD to learn the whole non-computerized system so, by golly, let me use it once in a while!). He's so appologetic and nice but has no idea what to do or where to go. I'd offer to help him but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish and I'd probably just get him confused. I remember being a freshman here and getting so lost in just the Library and even then I had computer skills so I was only half as confused as he is now. The oddly comforting part of the whole scene is that I know there are a million things he knows that I don't and might not ever know. God bless him and help him find the right people to help him.
The protesters are gone today. I guess they were not only saying partial birth abortions are evil but also genocide. Which I have to disagree with. This is the definition of genocide I understand and thus as would use the word in reference. "National, ethnic, racial, or religious group" doesn't really apply to a specific period of life development in my opinion. Anyway, my whole deal is that I like people to use the proper terms for things and not try to evoke different emotions/motives/political leverage for this when what is actually happening is bad enough. And now that's all I'm going to say about it. (That and graphic pictures of that sort don't belong on the sidewalk in front of our library.)
Today's going to be long. Probably, optimistically, good but long. If there are any questions or comments you'd like me to answer let me know... I'm pretty open to any topics especially if I don't have to think of the topic myself.


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