19 April 2006

Another day in paradise

Puppy news! Okay, well there really isn't much news for them... Still eating, pooping, and sleeping as usual. Loki did very well at night after just a bit of a ruckus. My aunt and uncle's puppy may be named "Rio" now? He is not taking nights quite as well as Loki but hopefully he'll settle down quickly. There. News as if world peace depended on it.
Apparently I'll be giving my persuasive speech in public speaking class over the importance of staying active in your community. Yeah, I'm really going to change lives with this one. Totally.
Gilmore Girls last night was GREAT! It was Lane's wedding and totally awesome except Lorelei (spelling?) got drunk on 8 tequila shots and then wanted to do her toast to the bride and groom. All I have to say is, if I ever get that drunk and still want to talk please someone grab me or the mic and make sure I don't do anything too stupid. Thank you very much. Oh and Yummy. Woo!
There was a hilarious commercial on yesterday. A nice looking woman is running beside a pond and thinking loudly... "Wow, I'm so forgetful these days." Then she stops running and gets a thoughtful look on her face followed by a smile, "I wonder if I'm pregnant." Yeah because isn't that the FIRST thing you think of when you forget things??? "Wow, I might be preggers." Yeah. Right. But funny...
Anyway. Not much new happenin'. Got half of my Regents scholarship switched over to pharm school, now just have to call and get the other half done too. It was so weird to cancel my enrollment. It was online so I was just doing it at home but still, it was like, "Are you sure?" and I was thinking, "Um, huh? Yeah I think so? Maybe???" Rather nerve racking since I've been forced to give up control of something in my life that I could control before. Crazyness.
Okay well, ya'll have a great week! Yay!


Anonymous Sir Skronky adoringly said...

It is true that girls who become pregnant are 10 times more likely to forget stuff. And girls who remain pregnant for over 6 months are 5 times more likey to continue not remembering things. It is also a well known fact that pregnant girls at 8 months are 4 times more likely to be 10 times more likely to be keep forgetting. It is also true that in extreme cases pregnant girls at 11 months are so forgetful that they even forgot to have the baby. Its science.

4:41 PM  

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