17 April 2006

'Cause Girls Just Wanna Have Fun....

So. I hurried and scurried to get my genetics paper done and come to find out that it isn't even due until 5:30 tonight. Not at 10:30 this morning as I had thought. (This new info thanks to Em from Botany class who happens to be in the 8:30 section of genetics) What I have in my saddlebag right now is a copy of my paper that is mostly great and a couple of pages yucky as a "just in case I can't get it done beautifully and/or printed between climbing and gen." I shouldn't procrastinate about this sort of thing. And really, I had all my resources together a couple of weeks ago, so I guess it was only self-defeating action that I was employing instead of true procrastination, right? Score one for the self defeatist!!!
After I posted my little political rant on my xanga and myspace I got a lovely little message from a crazed political... fanatic? I don't know whatelse to call him or her (since I don't really know the person or related gender) so fanatic will work. The profile page that went with the message was quite... interesting. Glad to know someone thinks about politics 24/7 so I don't have to, right? And I couldn't really tell if he/she/it agreed with my stance or just was so happy to have found a fellow political crazy to hang out with that a message was just inevitable? Maybe I could join his/her/its cult???
Easter was GREAT!!! Mum and Dad got a new puppy, a sheltie that will someday, hopefully, answer to the name of Loki. I say someday because at seven weeks of age he really doesn't listen very well. For someone so cute he's pretty much a ditz. I'll post pics when I get home from classes today (I couldn't last night because, duh, genetics paper!). Also, my aunt and uncle got a little puppy too!!! (It was totally a puppy weekend!) Theirs is a Havanese (spelling anyone??) and very sweet. Little boy too but no name yet to share. I'll keep you posted on the new babies as if world peace depended on it (well, as best I can living in another city and thriving on second hand knowledge of the cuteness!)
Okay, on to climbing! This morning I managed to finish that medium I was working toward. The kicker of the climb was that the place I kept getting stuck last week, well this morning I wasn't even thinking at all and made it through it. Of course right after that move I was stuck a bit again... I don't know if my instructor will count it or not because it took me a while and I may or may not have hangdogged for a while (refering to just sitting in your harness on the rope to rest for a sec or two or to scope out your next move.) Either way, now I KNOW I can do it so it should come easier, right? (Man, I really should get some pics of the wall and post them so you guys know what I'm talking about... lol how nerdy am I?)
Now I'm off to Genetics! Check back later for pics (later being either after 1pm or 5pm depending on how much I need to snazz up my paper during my lunch break). Love and laughter to all!


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