04 May 2006

Titles are overrated

Hey! I just had a wonderful idea!!! For my birthday, since the world revolves around me, everyone who has a blog can update this weekend, sometime by Monday, and for those who are smart and abstain from blogging, they can leave a comment on here!!! I don't even ask that whatever you write, wherever you write, be about me, just write something about something!!!!!! It will be neat!!! (Please?????)
Made it through climbing final, genetics notes, botany lecture, botany family recognition test, and psychology final yesterday without too much trouble. For the climbing final I pretty much just had to show up and put my name on the paper since it's a pass/fail class. Stayed awake in lectures (*which is something I've had trouble with in the past if you must know) and the family rec test was much easier than I had anticipated (took maybe 10 minutes, five of which spent just trying to decide what one of the bonus plants was - and I couldn't because I failed to go to the other side of the plant where I would have noticed the milky latex oozing out thus confirming that it was indeed milkweed and therefore an Apocynaceae! So I probably got 104% instead of 108%; Big deal). Mum having had such great gardens throughout my childhood really helped me out in botany class, so thanks Mum!!! Psych took me eleven minutes and that includes the time it took for her to pass them out, me to actually take it, me to collect my things, and walk all the way out of the building. I'm really going to miss tests like that.
Next on the list of things to do: start studying hardcore for finals. Burger Day in ER on Saturday. Birthday. Finals. Home. Dork's Prom. Lots of fun mixed with a bunch of yuck. It's lovely that life balances out so well.
Oh! Grandmum got a cell phone! She's super excited about it even though she barely knows how to use it. I'm excited for her too. Pretty neat stuff.
Happy Thursday ya'll!


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