09 September 2005

first rule is...

Confused in general. sleepy. Contemplating some sort of new project but haven't thought of a good one yet.
Dork, you're so unstable. Tried blogger and hated it. Worked xanga but are now giving it up. Tried myspace and rejected it. I honestly hope you don't think facebook is any better. It's not unless the high school version is totally different from the college one. Good luck.
Jenna, Steve, and Julia are watching the end of Fight Club right now. I watched most of the beginning with them but have seen the end so recently that I was getting bored with it.
Physics this morning sucked. I actually wish I had just given in to the dark side and skipped it but No, can't do that. Heavens no. And Corey left early so I had no one to make sure I stayed awake so I had to keep myself awake. Crikey. That sucks. lol
Going to watch The Neighborhood and Zack Winters play this evening. Looking forward to it very much.
Hasta lavista!
"Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater." - Gail Godwin


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