29 August 2005

Green Monday and Mylanta

It's a green Monday. As in I'm wearing green, the person next to me is wearing green, several people around me in physics were wearing green. What's up with that???
Dollface. Is that supposed to be one word or two??
Went home briefly this weekend for laundry and good conversation. Had to work Sunday. While I was at home I almost died. Okay, maybe not died but I felt like dying. Horrible tummy-ache. Whoever the evil masterminds behind the taste of Mylanta are, they are truly evil. That stuff is satanic.
There's a rumor that we have internet at the house but I haven't been there in long enough spurts to confirm or refute such. Good times. We'll see about that this afternoon.
Crikey, this morning in physics... All I can say is, WOW. We only did 2 examples and he, the prof, managed to mess up both of them... This is higher level physics. What he's messing up is lower level simple algebra. Like dividing by 2. URGH!!!! Corey and I were sitting near the top of class and just about dying. Frustration, laughter, and confusion will do that to a person I hear.
Okay my lovelies. I must away to class now. (Mostly because I'm getting evil glares from people waiting to use the computers in this comp lab. Just go somewhere else like everyone else does you idiots. There's no reason to stand there glaring like it's going to help anything. It's not going to make me type any faster or finish any sooner. See? This rant has wasted even more time than I would have otherwise spent. Boowah. Take that!!!)


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