16 August 2005

Rainy Tuesday

Puttering around today. Had a good weekend though it was MUCH too short. Worked Sunday and Monday. Sweet little old lady, hardly any trouble.
Have been trying to figure out when I can move down to Norman again. The torrential amount of rain we've received lately hasn't been helping in the least. And that probably wouldn't be much of a problem if I didn't have to haul a bed down there... The problem being that I don't want to have to sleep on a rain-soaked mattress. Lovely. But I will be in Norman soon. So watch out! Muhahahaha...
Know how guys, in general, are always being railed on for not remembering birthdays and anniversaries? Well... I'm guilty of that now as well. I suck. Sorry. Good thing I'm totally awesome or you might be "not happy" about that...
Mum's garden is looking quite lovely right now. Rain sure isn't hurting in that respect. Purdy flowers.
I made an apple crisp Friday from the apples I helped Grandmum peel and core Thursday. Very yummy. I should cook more often.
Got to babysit Marie for a little while Friday since work didn't need me and Dawn had some sort of interview to go to. Marie has gotten so big; Every time I see her she looks so much bigger and, if possible, cuter. So adorable. We played in the park in Yukon for about an hour. She's still pretty little so she required a lot of looking after. Then we enjoyed some lovely ice cream instead of real lunch. What else is a Godmother for if not to spoil my favorite little girl??? Plus I don't get to see her half often enough so I have to do the spoiling all at once.
No real segue here but I think I'm getting a cold or something. Stuffy nose and ticklish throat. Yuck. And classes start next Monday. Bleck.
Okay, off to find something to do. Have a lovely day ya'll!!!!
"We all agree that your theory is crazy, but is it crazy enough?" - Niels Bohr


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