28 July 2005

Painting, thinking, lighting

Threadless.com Submission - X-RAYED TROPICAL SOULStill keeping busy. It's a relative type thing. I'm not insanely busy like during school time but busy as in my-time-is-strangely-occupied and planned-FOR-me-randomly (and not by me, usually). And I am not complaining. This barely thinking stuff is nice.
I worked some this last weekend but haven't been needed at the job place since then. Once again, not complaining. I don't know how I'll afford rent this semester but not working is fun! (Just kidding, I'll be fine. No worries mate!)
Julia's room is red. Bright red. Cherry red. VERY red. It's nice. We had a good time painting with Mel and Alex around. I've noticed inviting bored but taller-than-me people to help ya paint is a good idea. Also taking Uno breaks to "allow the paint plenty of time to dry" is wonderful.
I haven't fully decided if I'm going to paint my room or not. It's brown right now. Well, that gives you the idea that the walls all match. Which they do not. The North and East walls are just plain brown whereas the South and West walls are a darker brown with a bit of a pattern to it, like marbling but not. Really, so lovely. Thus you understand my dilemma, right? What to do...
Flashlights that you shake to charge are pretty awesome. Since, hey, no batteries required!!! How cool is that? My dad has the bestest toys!
The guy on TV right now is way too excited. He's building a house or something and teaching us kids in the audience about conduction/insulation. Really fun stuff. I should find the remote...
Happy Thursday ya'll!
"When ideas fail, words come in very handy." - Goethe


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