31 March 2005

MidWeek Mayhem

I was so going to take Sharice to class and then go right back to sleep for another hour or so but once I saw the sunrise... I couldn't. I was wide awake. It was so pretty this morning. The rays were layered through the clouds and the sun was peaking through... (sigh). So I'm inspired and all. (But sleepy, yes.)
Mum called... she thought she woke me up... I should have played it off, "Oh, yeah. Oh shi.... What time is it? Oh crikey! Joe get up! GET UP! You've got to get to work!!! No, I don't know, your pants are under the bed! What Mum? Oh, nothing. Not much going on..." Yeah. That would be funny. Especially since I don't really know anyone who goes by the name Joe. Bob would work just as well. Don't know any of those either.
Purevolume is being finicky today... urgh... "Oh, so you actually wanted to LISTEN to that song... Oops."
I've been so busy... MBIO lab practical last evening... Was hard because we had to know all 14 test agars, what was in them, what they test for, etc. Gets confusing because you have such situations like Methyl Red and Phenyl Red as indicators of pH and what their colors indicate are the exact opposite (MR turns yellow with acid and stays red with base while PR turns red with acid and yellow with base). Evilness. Then my Gram stain wouldn't show up under the scope. I have NEVER had a problem finding things under the scope. It's been my forte as far as any scope lab is concerned. But no, when it's worth a huge grade on my lab practical I can't find a bloody thing to save my soul. (I did FINALLY find some purple Gram + cocci and pink Gram - rods but they were very few... and there were maybe supposed to be 3 things not just 2... Who knows?)
I'm sorry this post is so boring... I'd love to tell you how exciting my life really is. But the FBI have warned me that to do so would throw the world powers off balance. So I won't. But just so the world isn't off balance. Because that would bother me. All spinning on it's axis sloppily like a drunk with a shoe in one hand and a bottle in the other.... Yeah, so now I'm worried. Crikey! Now I'll have to go clean the kitchen again just for peace of mind...
I'm getting a new phone! Woohoo!!!! Not a new number. (Whoa. That would be harsh... I barely know the one I have now!) I'm super excited though since maybe I'll have halfway decent reception now. (And I know that's my own fault for dropping my poor phone so often... Pathetic thing is lucky to still be in one piece. I'm rough on phones.)
I now know someone nice who's made it into pharm school. I'm happy for her but... Kinda jealous/nervous too. Wish I knew one way or the other already. Even if I don't get in, I'm happy for her since she really deserves it. Just wish I knew too. Congrats Ruth!
This weekend is going to be hectic... Big Event on Saturday and work on Sunday plus studying my rear off some more... Julia and Mel are tempting me with a trip to Stillwater to watch the Neighborhood play and the chance to visit DJ, Mike, and Herc. Which would be a super fun trip. (sigh) What to do? I could still help with the Big Event but would have to call in sick to work... Crikey. Sucks having to make decisions sometimes...
Watched Benny and Joon for the first time a few nights ago. I like that movie. Very cute. Good music too... "I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door..." (What is havering though? Is that a bad thing?) Julia and I rock at singing that song!!! We should go on tour or something... lol
Well enough silliness for now... I need to get ready to go to class. Have a lovely day my lovelies!!!
"Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must first be raised." -American Proverb (we Americans are smart like that!)