19 March 2005

Sad, sad times are these

I want my effing gas station back!!!!!
How dare they get rid of my gas station without asking me first? I can't gas up now. I can't. It just isn't right anywhere else!
I've been gassing up there since I started driving! Jeez folks! I'm practically an establishment there and now it's gone? What will I do without Joe to talk to as I pay for my petrol? They've ripped out everything, even the concrete foundation!!!! WHY MY STATION? WHY? (I break into tears, tear at my hair, and curse the petrol gods...)

Okay. I think I can talk now. (sniffle) bastards
I don't have much to say though. My heart is broken. Can you fix it? No, I think not... but try, will you?

Sometimes even to live is an act of courage. -Seneca

Raver Bear
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