08 March 2005

Long ramble about nothing

Warning: This one is just me rambling. Not much funny. Not much interesting. You've been warned so go watch Comedy Central or read a magazine instead. You'll enjoy it more, I promise...
Just finished watching the season ending of Real World Philadelphia and it made me a little sad. Reminded me of leaving DC when I went there for NYLC Junior year. Specific combo of happy and sad all mixed together. Just one of those moods I don't get in very often... So now I'm missing my NYLC family group.; Haven't seen them since we left but I'm missing them all the same...
Today kicked my butt just a little, tiny bit. Had Ochem lab and it wasn't so bad but I went totally brain dead and couldn't remember which part of the extraction mixture was the organic layer and which the aqueous. Which is very important to know. Angus (TA) would have laughed at me and told me to read the manual (which isn't any help because I already read the manual and it didn't say either) so I just asked around and hoped they were right. Also I have no idea what the products I formed mean. I know what they are but not why. Whateva.
Then physiology lab was pretty easy. Several parts to it but not really a problem.
OChem lab midterm was after that... urgh... I'm sure I passed it but not sure by how much... Definitely not A+ worthy. And it wasn't hard I just didn't always know exactly what they were asking for so I put what I could reason out the best I could. As always.
Made dinner when I got home. Hamburger Helper beef stroganoff with fresh steamed broccoli. Chocolate ice cream with cocoa rice crispies for dessert. Yum.
Watched our Tuesday night shows with Julia and picked up Sharice from work. Now I need to study some more. No more tests this week but still have to keep up. Lab report and pre-lab due Thurs. Pharm interview Friday so I'll be missing all my classes then.
Not sure when I'm going home exactly... either Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning maybe. There's a men's gymnastics meet Friday night that I would like to go to here in Norman... but I also want to get home asap. Guess I'll just see where the day takes me. Am trying not to think about interview because I'm pretty much scared about it. Well, not scared so much as I realize that it kinda determines how my next few years will be spent. Which is a big thing to someone like me (ie young, stupid, and way too eager.) I know it will go just fine. They'll pick me or they won't, not that big of a deal. So please don't write me telling me it will be okay. I know it will. I just have to freak out about this for it to be real. Ya know? That and I can only freak out about what to wear for so long before sounding really shallow/vain.
I made an 81% on my MBIO lab practical last week. Class average was low 70's so I guess that's decent enough. Made a few really dumb mistakes but all in all the things I miss I truly just didn't know or couldn't tell from what we were given. Good times.
If you're one of my friends that managed to make it this far down in this pile of crappola, I just wanted to say, "Thanks. Love ya. Probably missing you like crazy right now. My heart goes out to ya and I wish you all the best in the world. Make good decisions and take big risks. I'm praying for you either way. Once again, love you and hugs & kisses. Good night."
If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm. -Bruce Barton


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