18 February 2005

oxadative phosphorolation my arse...

Howdy ya'll! Sorry it's taken so long to get back to writing; I've been sick and busy studying. What an excuse, huh? I'm actually still rather sick but feeling much better, thanks. Had a physiology test today to cram for and I think I managed to pull off an 80% (if I remember my "secret" number correctly...).
Right now I'm enjoying the warm glow of my parent's computer monitor at the old family manor. Their keyboard is much louder than mine. Did I ever mention that my laptop keyboard's letter 'n' is starting to fade away due to over-use by yours truly? It is and this very much saddens me. Alas, always the best die young. But I digress... I should not be here, I ought to be in my apartment living the life of the hermit that I should rightfully ascribe to. MBio test as well as a Lab report for that class, plus an organic chem quiz all await me Monday. Am I ready? Boys howdy no!!!! Oh well, flying by the seat of my pants has always given me quite the thrill.
Someone recommended me to a singles service thingy! They called and left me a message today on my phone, and I, not having a clue who it was, called back. So if any of you gave out my number to a singles company and told them that I was a desperate, needy old spinster in dire need of a man to make my life fullfilling... well, you might be right but do you need to tell the world? No, seriously, DON'T DO THAT again (or I will find out it was you and make your life miserable. Also, I will toast all your bread, leave out your milk until it curdles, and hide your keys in the stove, behind the lightbulb. That's how tricky I'll be.) It's bad enough I get asked by my grandma about my relationship status. I don't need random people calling me to inquire whether I am single or not. (Shikeys! Dad, get me together a dowry. I'm going to go sell myself at auction. I have all my teeth and good hips. Surely that still counts for something these days. And the fact that I once had a brain shouldn't be announced to anyone interested. I hear that throws them off and I need all the help I can get, what with being a nineteen-year-old old maid lacking any major prospects of my own. Maybe I should just go ahead, get some cats, and call a truce with fate?)
I am so tired right now. You'd think that any normal person who was tired would go to sleep but not me. I'm online on a c0mputer that isn't even mine just to be on here. On a very loud keyboard and using a heavy mouse... oh, the devices of torture inflicted on the masochist.
Dork is stilling in the livingroom in the dark with the TV off. WTF? That boy's hair has gotten long too. Not as long as mine but, golly, he could almost join a heavy metal band. If he'd consent to wearing a headband. And spandex. Which I would advise against. Almost no one looks good in spandex. Really.
Where has my wit gone? Did it get lost with my brain, that sock, and my favorite my little pony figurine? I should get to sleep. Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


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