14 February 2005

Walkin boots, Cameo, and Angel

It's St. Valentine's Day. Woo.
Apparently I forgot the rule that I should wear only hues of red and pink today. And my long black leather trenchcoat and/or shoes that are impossible to wear (and forget being able to actually walk with them on). Because that's what everyone else is wearing today. lol
Also I noticed something new today about the statue on campus between Adams Hall and the Library... The little dog following the woman and her sheep over the tiny bridge in the garden... well it's a "he". Definitely a "he". And that totally cracked me up since, why? Why put genitalia on a college campus statue animal? Even if it is a dog do we really need to know it's male? We can't tell about the sheep because they have too much fleece but I'm sure the artist knows and could tell us.
In Adams Hall the womens' bathroom is on the second floor. The guys' is on the first floor. Why split them up so far? That's confusing. And. You knew that there would have to be an 'and'. And the womens' isn't clearly marked with "Women" or anything that would make sense. It has a cameo-type profile of a woman with an old fashioned hairstyle. And a handicapped symbol. So if you make it to the second floor and happen to be a wheelchair-bound cameo person you have a restroom at your disposal. Just FYI since I had no knowledge of this before today.
I think I'm coming down with something. My throat's a bit scratchy and I think my lymph nodes are swollen. Maybe. I should know if that's the proper name for them but I can't remember. And I'm sure Julia will help me if I'm wrong about the name...
Sharice put the final piece in place on the angel puzzle that formerly lived on our anti-coffee coffee table on Saturday. Puzzle is now gone. But we got a picture! >>>
I've got lab tonight again. Not looking forward to it since I know we have a quiz. Bluh. Evilness. But other than that it should be fun, right?
Physiology class got me to thinking... Does my body product an excess of serotonin? Because... I laugh way too much at just about anything. I think that serotonin is one of the chemicals that effects emotions like depression, etcetera and so wouldn't it be related? Good question to save for those times we need class drawn out just a bit longer to keep from taking a quiz, right? Glad my slacker skills are so well developed. You might be surprised to hear I actually used to be considered ambitious and hard-working. Funny, funny times.
Nancy Sinatra (I think) was just singing "These Boots Were Made for Walking" on my online radio station. I love that song. Cracks me up. I need to get some boots...
^Here are pictures of my darling roommates...^I think that's about all I planned to cover in this post. If you think I would normally wish you a Happy St. Valentine's Day then take this as your salutation and forgive me for being less than enthusiastic about it. (Love songs are making me even more ill)
"What's right is right but you ain't been right yet. These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you... Are you ready, boots? Start walkin' " ~Nancy Sinatra


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