22 January 2005

Ant indecision

What to do?!?!?!?!?!? There is an ant on my wall. Just one. I've never seen any in here before. But there is one here, on my wall in front of me, right now. He's crawling up toward my picture. What is he doing? Does he truly expect there to be food on the wall? But, the real question here is, what am I to do about it? I don't really want to kill him but I also don't want an ant in my room. Moving him outside sounds like a good idea other than that by moving him he won't find his way home and will die anyway. So what to do? I think I'll just leave him for now, seeing as he is headed upward and not anywhere near my bed. And he's the only one I've seen. Whew. Crisis dealt with.
I took the PCAT again this morning. I wasn't nervous about it at all. Rather didn't even want to take it. But I do hope I did well. Would be sucky to do worse than last time. I got done with every section really early except Chemistry (barely got that one finished). If they had let me take the test all the way through without stopping I would have been done at least an hour earlier than we were. And my essay was crap. Something about peer pressure having negative influences on the youth of America... I didn't pick the topic, obviously. So I wrote some bs about how terrible peer pressure is and how it will ruin your life and leave you whimpering on the floor in the fetal position lacking the motivation to clean up your grammar, bake apples, or play a proper round of golf. Or something like that. Maybe.
Ant is about 2 inches from the ceiling now. Just FYI.
I was going to visit Dawn today but she's busy... Laundry or something... and not at her apartment but in ER or Calumet or somewhere. I just don't really feel like hunting her down for a really short visit (plus long drive) when I could just wait, get some stuff done here that needs to be done, and then go see her for longer when she isn't busy.
"I'm a little teapot..." Actually I'm awl awone... Julia went to visit Sushi (oh and her family) and Sharice was here a bit ago but is now not here. I don't know where. Probably out selling drugs, speaking pig latin, and eating noni juice. Or buying cowboy boots. Who really knows what the youth of this generation are doing? I sure as hades don't know. I didn't get the memo/packet/parcel/post/whatever.
I should be studying. I don't want to. Ant is on the ceiling, just sitting there. I guess I could go eat something but I've been quite a pig lately and don't really need to. I'd like to cook something but then I would eat it. Crikey. I think I'll just let ya'll get back to your own lives and I'll find something more productive to do with mine... Loves ya!
"I know a girl who believes
A girl who believes
She used to be a dog" ~Dog - Dada


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