18 January 2005

Snarky cookie dough

Classes started today. Scary. Maybe I'll survive this semester. Maybe not. Either way I will have a busy, probably fun, time of it. Yea! ("When I use this pen thing it kinda confuses my mouse." My O Chem Lab Prof... what a kidder...)
The tube of cookie dough in the fridge is calling to me. Drat you Julia for making me think of it. Dinner was good. We cooked. (Chicken, rice, and peas. With black cherry Kool Aide. I know. We're totally taking over for Julia Child and Martha Steward.) Yummy. But the cookie dough has sneaky ways and is trying to seduce me. Make it stop! (Mum, you know what that means... they won't quit talking! lol)
I'm at a really great part of my book (Atlas Shrugged). I'm about 3/5 of the way done. And it's sooooooooo goood! I didn't want to put it down to go to class today. And now I feel like I'm wasting time by not reading right now. But, alas, I must do some actual homework type stuff before tomorrow. Or else. (No, really. "They" will come for me. That's the 'Or else' part.)
OOOhh! Rode my trusty steed to classes (ie biked) and quite enjoyed the brisk afternoon weather. Got stared at by some weirdo. It was one of those stares like "you're going to jump this curb sideways, horizontally, just to hit me with your badass bike and then leave me writhing on the grass as you laugh manically on your way to Hades. I know you are." Which really wasn't what I was planning on doing. Maybe the Hades part to visit Stan but not the magical jumping sideways. I'm good but not that good. Weirdo guy. Go get in your Miata and go home. This sidewalk doesn't deserve to be defiled with your blood or grey matter any more than my beautiful steed does. Woopah!
Isn't snarky a funny word. I don't know exactly that is but I doubt I would be flattered if labeled one myself.
I'm the girl and he is the guy, I never did it to be simple and wise ~Nina Gordon


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