04 February 2005

quick update

Puzzle is still on our coffee table. Isn't that funny? Been there a whole week now... Muhahahahaa...
We still have fudge left too... it's very rich and ya can only eat a little at a time so... yeah. Hope you made and enjoyed some as well.
I'm working on laundry right now. Bluh...
Wednesday... Was pretty good. Classes went well. Lab went very well. I donated blood between classes and lab. Not like that's a fun thing but it wasn't terrible and I do it because I feel I should. Made me kinda woozy... and they would just barely take my blood since I had the exact minimum on the iron level. Good times.
Talked to Dork Wednesday and this morning. He's so adorable. He's learning to play the guitar, making up silly, goofy songs, and rockin' with school clubs/classes all the time. He's my hero! (Bebopalulu ROCKS!!!) (The sun is shining...)
Heard from Dawn this morning. She's doin' alright. I think I'll go visit her tomorrow morning...
Yesterday was kinda bluh. Had Organic lab and then had to rush off to work. And work wasn't bad but it was work all the same. So no bad just bluh.
Today has been wonderful. Chem class was canceled so instead of going to that class I called up Dawn and Dork and did some catching up. Ran into Henry again and got to talking to him. Physiology almost put me to sleep... I think we're studying about active/passive transport and osmosis... but that's just a guess since I spent most of class keeping my eyelips propped up with my pencil and click eraser. That and shooting laser darts out of my nose at people who asked questions that weren't relevant (but then how would I know? I wasn't listening...) lol
I was almost attacked by a squirrel today. He ran toward me then feigned left then jumped right. Made me scream on the phone to Dawn. She was reminded how psycho I am. Seriously though, those evil, furry little vermin are going to take over campus and then the world. You just wait and see.
Julia and I went to see I heart Huckabees at the Union this afternoon. Very good, very funny movie. I like it though it was rather strange. I think tonight is a good movie night. Definitely.
This isn't infinity. It's suburbia.

"Why does a man take it for granted that a girl who flirts with him wants him to kiss her--when, nine times out of ten, she only wants him to want to kiss her?" -Helen Rowland


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