10 February 2005

Options vs the World or Why not?

Do-ti-do... Been a good week. Not stupendous but good. Don't feel like going through the whole run down but it was good. Just take my word for it (then give my word back because I might need it in a little bit... I hate writers block especially when I don't need to write anything special. lol)
I've been talking to people online too much lately. Like, people I know in real, happy life but never actually see so the only way I hear from them is online. And also I am lazy and don't feel like getting up off my bum just to tell Julia that I remembered something stupid that we had been talking about earlier. Because that happens a lot. Thus I would have to get up a lot and, well, she's online anyway. Woopah.
I'm freaking out about my pharmacy application status. I haven't gotten a letter from them yet inviting me to make an interview and I can't make an interview until they invite me to. So I end up feeling like the ugly girl that never got the call back from that guy who said he'd call. Did I say something wrong? Was there something stuck to my application? I know the application fee check didn't bounce. It wasn't that. So am I, like, paying you to reject me? Possibly. Who knows.(No, really. Who knows? I need to talk to you if you do!) I've decided if I don't make it in this year I'll either:
  • a) apply to MTV's Real World. I don't care where it is, I could deal with it. I'm a major attention whore so being on TV all the time wouldn't bother me, I'm sure. Plus I know I wouldn't do anything to disgrace my family so no harm, no foul, right?
  • b) Go here for another year and apply for the next year. Not overly exciting but might be more fun than this year has been since I wouldn't have to take so many sciences together.
  • c) drop out of real college and go to culinary school. That would be so fun! I LOVE to cook and am really crazy about things being sanitary and clean. It would be a match made in the kitchen! lol
  • d) Get my Mrs. degree somehow. Can't be that difficult, I mean, look at some of the people who get married these days...
Those are the options I've come up with thus far. If you have any suggestions please leave me a comment or something.
I didn't break any glassware this week in any of my labs. Yea!!! And I've managed to get all the things that were due done. Which is surprising since I didn't always even know what was due when but somehow had it done. Someone must be looking out for me...
Just FYI, anyone who loves the Sooners should go to the Men's Gymnastics meet this next Sunday, Feb 13th, at the Cox Center in OKC at 4pm. They're really excellent athletes and great guys besides. Who could ask for anything more? (And if you're a student here at OU and have your ID I think you get in for FREE! Could you get a better deal? I think not!)
Huh... Here are a couple of sites that made me laugh. Granted that is an easy accomplishment but...
Happy couples and Ear candles
"When a woman gives birth to a crackbaby you don't go out and buy her a puppy" ~from GG this week


Anonymous Anonymous adoringly said...

I vote you do the chef thing. Being paid to do something you like sounds fine. Throw food into the equation and it must be heaven.
The Mrs. option is tricky when you consider benefits.

2:30 PM  

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