13 February 2005

Thurs-Sun... oh what fun

Howdy. Not in the very best of moods, rather more of a low from the high of the rest of the weekend. But still optimistic. Or something like that. One more twist on the rack and I might just start laughing for the heck of it. Because, frankly, why not?
Thursday: Turns out Julia posted something very scarily similar to what I did but before I did, but I didn't read hers that day until after 9 pm... so we just think a lot alike or something.
Friday: Went to classes, restreaked my baby environmental isolate, went to work, and spent the next 8 hours having the time of my life with Gerldean on Senior Choice floor. Truly a surreal experience.
Saturday: Did laundry and cleaned room early. Worked on homework. Mum and Grandmum came to visit and took Julia & me out to Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and On The Border. I ate way too much (and laughed way too much as well) but had a great time. We weren't home fifteen minutes when Melissa called to see if we wanted to make NO shirts with her and Ryan. Of course we did! So we headed back to Hobby Lobby with them, trekked to WalMart and then back to Hobby Lobby. So I went to Hobby Lobby more in one day than I think I have in over a year. Weird. Also Fish and Chips. Plus crazy Girls Scout Cookie pushers and Julia being mean to little girls. Which, well, is that new? lol
Nu Omikron (NO) is our siblinghood of nonconformity... (and it's okay to be semi-ironic sometimes, like our matching shirts. lol They really are awesome! I'll take a pic soon and post it too. )
After all that hullabulloo we made shirts with Sharice for the Gym meet today in OKC. Hers says "J. Gore is my homeboy" and has a picture of Josh on the back... very fun to make... She's going to make one for Ranisha that says "B. Carr B easy" with a pic of Brian on the back. Too funny.
I don't know why but I don't really feel like talking about today. Huh...
Sunday: Worked until 3. Easy patient. Went to Gym Meet and cheered on our Sooners (both our men and women won!!!!). Just got back from that a bit ago. Now I'm tired but really need to study. I'm almost to apathy so I should really get that in hand and fix it.
I wish I had angel wings, real ones that were actually attached to me. Would be so much fun. I'm not asking for a huge wingspan or fancy colors. Just wings. Is that so much to ask?
I usually love songs that make me think of people, even when it has nothing to do with them... but sometimes... not so much... sometimes makes me sad. Bluh. If I have to hear that song again I think I'll just roll over and ralph.
My ribs ache from laughing so much yesterday after having done crunches and situps earlier in the morning. Evilness... lol

"Now the half-time air was sweet perfume While sergeants played a marching tune...
We all got up to dance Oh, but we never got the chance 'cause the players tried
to take the field The marching band refused to yield Do you recall what was
revealed The day the music died?" ~ Don McLean


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