02 March 2005

Life changing and resolutions on ice

"I don't seem obvious, do I?" (by Jimmy Eat World) I like that song... it's playing on my player now... Nice.
I hate to jump straight into serious but I have to get this out of my head...
I really need to do some changing and spring cleaning in that huge container otherwise known as my life. I'm happy, as always, but I see things that if left the way they are will not help me to being a better person or, worse, will make me lesser. Which is hard enough to avoid as it is. This life thing... It's very dynamic (as opposed to static) and the ways in which it changes and twists BUT stays exactly the same are crazy and dumbfounding. Too big a topic to fully expound on right now.
I never made New Year's resolutions this year but... Here are a few tentative thoughts that I'd like to adhere to as best as possible...
  1. Be more health conscious. Eat properly. Drink less pop, coffee, etc. Fewer sweets. Exercise more and regularly. (No, I'm not planning on adding an eating disorder to my repertoire but I know if I don't keep myself in check it'll be bad...)
  2. Learn how to spell better in general. Not be such a witch about others' grammar mistakes. (And this one runs deep. Really bothers me sometimes. I should start a Grammarians Anonymous... maybe on Facebook?)
  3. Be a better friend. Listen better and be less narcissistic (hard when I'm this wonderful... lol). Visit and call more.
  4. Listen less to the pessimistic devil on my shoulder. Give him a permanent vacation. Give my angel a shiny new halo to begin to make up for neglect last year.
  5. Appreciate others more. (see #3 again)
  6. Take more risks. Be less afraid of what others might think.
  7. Study more and with better efficiency.
  8. Ask for help if I need it, even when I dread asking such favors.
  9. Do my best to avoid hurting/being mean to anyone (within reason, of course). I am pretty mean sometimes. The B-word comes to mind... barbeque sandwich... oh yeah...
That's all I can think of for now. I had thought to add to act more like the adult I should be but that isn't fun and can wait until I'm older. Being silly is much too entertaining at the moment.
It's been Sunday since I wrote last. Monday and Tuesday went well. Classes were there but not extraordinary in any aspect. Got to visit Dawn yesterday morning since one of my classes was canceled. She and Marie are doing well. Made my heart happy to get to play with Marie and chatter with Dawn like old times. Marie is starting to babble a little, not quite up to words yet. She has started imitating those around her and it's pretty adorable to watch. It was funny; when Dawn and I would laugh about something that there's no way she understood she would laugh too just to be laughing with/like us. Just so sweet.
I think the general response to my red hair has been positive. Which is nice to an attention slut like me. I really am thinking about going with black after Spring Break... or maybe make the red more permanent. I haven't quite decided yet (if you have an opinion let me know). But will have to wait until then since pharm interview is just before break and during break just seems silly. Unless I get pretty bored. Which isn't going to happen. I refuse to let it.

My mum is hilarious. Here is proof (since I can't think of anything funny to say right now and she has said enough for us both...) from an email I received yesterday...
"I have to admit - when I heard that Baby Girl had dyed her hair red, I had trepidation. I had doubts. I had fears. I had free-floating anxiety that could only be cured by receiving a little Shitzu puppy as a gift. Didn't get one thus the anxiety was not alleviated. I began to wonder what alternative uses that substitute saliva product might have and if perhaps this constituted an ear candling event. Then I secured my kahunas, grabbed a flyswatter, and took the plunge... I looked at the blog page to see unaltered photos of the red-headed diva... and liked it! You little devil, you....
I have canceled recess for today...the kids are not playing well and they need to learn a lesson. A is upset with B for taking too long to go over med orders, C is bad-mouthing D to E, who claims she didn't know to pick up mail. And F feels compelled to trot in here every 2 minutes with an update on a missing med.
Sure could use that shitzu puppy right about now... or at least a mixed-drink named after it that would infer similar spirit-lifting qualities.
Have a great evening and watch out for people on the bus with brown shoes....I suspect that most serial killers have an affinity for brown shoes and plastic watches."
---The only truly disturbing part of this is that Julia pointed out to me that Mel L has such an affinity for brown shoes and plastic watches. Will begin watching her closely and note if any of her residents disappear mysteriously. Ryan was smart to jump ship when he did... lol (you know I'm kidding and love ya Mel!!!) Speaking of Ryan, look him up on purevolume and leave him a lovely comment, okay?
Okay, enough for now. Howdy to all and love as well!
"I love the way you think but I hate the way you act" ~ Ben Harper


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