25 February 2005

Happy Fireday, I mean... Friday!

Good day. Good week. Happy Friday!
Yeah, I'm here at home on a Friday night. What of it punk? It's been a good but hard week. I need more sleep than I've been getting. And working out. I hear people do that. I should do that. Too bad that takes effort and a little planning. Uhhhh... I tried to get up and change clothes to go to the Huff but... it just didn't happen. I think I could easily turn myself into Jabba Dahut's little sis-look-a-like if I tried harder.
But then I wouldn't fit into these pants. And I rather like these pants. They're from the Limited and look very nice. But I think I must have gotten them on a "fat" day since they're a little big. That... or maybe... I think I remember them only being in this size, a size or two bigger than I usually wear, or a size 15 and that surely doesn't fit me so I just went with slightly too big instead of incredibly-huge-on-me. And they were only like ten bucks. Which is awesome for cute pants that can still be worn on a "fat" day. Not that I have those. Never. Who told you that?
I'm going to sign up for the Big Event here on campus with Alpha Lambda Delta... I haven't done anything else with them and I figure I should since I claim to be a member and all. (It's an honors fraternity... no house, just friends... I made that up myself...lol) For those of you who don't know, the Big Event is an annual thing the University puts on to give back to the community, ie Norman. (Which sometimes seems retarded to me since often the people who live here hate students and the University in general... they complain about us and all but seem to forget that we're the lifeblood that they survive on. Norman would be NOTHING without OU. Honestly.) But I digress... The Big Event is a big service project and I couldn't help last year due to forgetting and previous engagements. I plan to be there bright and early. Woohoo!!!
Now I'm going to Starbuck's for yummy stuff. Loves you!


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