24 March 2005

Cute but physio...

Happy Birthday FiSH!! (He's 20yo today! Such a big boy/old man! lol)
Lab went well. Got done in just an hour and a half!!!! Woohooo! Now I have to study like a madman this evening for my physio test Friday... been doing some each day but today is the last-chance-cram day. Lovely times...
You are the 'cute but psycho' Happy Bunny. You are adorable, but a little out there. It's alright; You might not have it all, but there are worse things you could be.
which happy bunny are you?
Julia and I finished the train puzzle and started a flowers one. It's going to be pretty. Very.
You should check out this new-ish
Homestar piece... Go to puppet stuff and watch the ones that say Vs. Little Girl. They're hilarious and the little girl is adorable. You'll enjoy I'm sure of it. Julia and I get such a kick (hehe) out of it that we're constantly quoting it. Woopah!
Okay. Back to those who believe me to be heartless bitch... I'm sorry if you didn't understand that I meant the ogres of true folklore not the nice, sweet kind in DreamWorks' animated children's movie Shrek. The ogres I meant are hideous, brutish, and kidnap children to eat them, which just might not exactly concur with a great heart/personality. Either way, if you don't like what I write then you don't have come here. If you have a true, serious problem with the things I say then voice your concerns, as appropriate of course. If I've lied about something in my posts then that's news to me. For the most part I just ramble nonsense which is rather hard to lie about. If you actually know me and feel I've wronged you in some way you should let me know. I honestly have no idea who you are so I won't appoligize for anything I've done. If I lack a heart well then I guess that's my problem. One might assume a higher power would punish me with loneliness and pain for being so evil but I'm really surprisingly quite happy. Lacking a heart would also make actually living difficult... We've been studying the heart and its functions in physiology and I doubt I would live very long without one. This is much longer than I had intended but one last thought: There's so much beauty in the world a little couldn't help but be "wasted" on liars/bitches. Perhaps we should love them for who they are even if we hate what they do since the last time that I checked none of us is perfect (excepting of course Jesus Christ and besides he's past this whole human-body thing). As always, thank you for your concern and comments.
I suppose I should get back to studying. Planning on cooking dinner as my next break... Looking like it's going to be chicken and fried rice. Fun times! Ya'll take care and have fun!
"The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you." - from Lost in Translation


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