31 October 2004

Playing catch-up (not Ketsup...)

Wow, I'm terrible. I haven't updated this since Wednesday. How unusual for me. Well, I guess I'll get ya'll caught up soon enough, though probably not entirely today. Sorry but I have an enormous amount of homework to do that I really don't want to do but really, really need to do all the same. Urgh.
Thursday... huh... what did happen Thursday? Oh! I didn't have Peoples of the World so I didn't have class until after 1pm so I took the Girls to class and ran errands. Worked on homework, etc. Myth was really easy. Worked on group project from POTW with groupmates for a while. Then went to BSA (Black Student Association) play at the Union after swinging by and getting an OU shirt at the place where Sharice works. Play was really funny though it started really late and ran rather long. Good times.
Friday went to classes as normal. Out of nowhere Julia and I decide to leave for Stillwater that afternoon instead of the next morning as we had planned. [Sharice and Mel just went as previously planned since they had both made other plans for Friday night.] Had a great trip up there. Seriously hilarious (I did it... for a Klondike bar!). Singing and dancing and talking nonstop like the crazy persons we are. Got lots of funny looks from fellow drivers. (Cow Creek, Duck Street, and Husband Road...) Met DJ and Jamie at Chili's and had wonderful dinner. (Small, small world. I kinda knew Jamie in HS but she was a year older... anyhoo, yeah, small world.) Went back to DJ's, got the tour of his place, talked for forever [Jamie left pretty early], watched The Best Of Will Farrell ("I wish you weren't a liar."), and just generally had a good time. Ended up going to bed really, really late. ("Don't let the children muckamuck") Julia and I had the giggles really bad just when we were trying to fall asleep. Good thing we don't share a room here at OU... lol
I know ya'll want to know what happened next but I must go work on other stuff. Promise to finish this ASAP. Love ya! [Sorry if this has been a little goofy but I'm still really, really sleepy...]

I guess that I should go on home But I can't stand to be alone Cause I'll only dream about A Cowboy like you ~ Reba (This is hardly relevant but makes me laugh since Stillwater is the home of the OSU Cowboys... hahahaha...)


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