02 November 2004

My FAQ list:

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? What do you mean? An African or European swallow?
What would you do for a Klondike® Bar? Wow. That's a very personal question there bud-dy. That kind of knowledge is reserved for the few who are blessed enough to catch me in a goofy mood. Better luck next time...
How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? How about you go ask that silly-arse owl who just eats it anyway? I have no idea and don't really even like those things... (especially not the grape ones. Yuck!)
I thought your hair was red/blonde? Are you nuts? My hair has always been light brown. Maybe a little lighter in summer and reddish in sunlight but not enough to change the driver's license... still very light brown...While we're discussing my physical attributes, my eyes really are blue even if they do tend to turn red in camera flashes. (No, I'm not possessed by a minor devil. Hardly...)
I heard a rumor...- I've been the subject of several rumors in recent years, with varying degrees of veracity, ranging from one or two that were totally true, to several that were severely false. Half the lies they tell about me aren't close to true. Which half? Well, that's the hard part, isn't it? Don't expect any help from me in figuring that out. I've gotten to the point in my ego where I enjoy hearing the rumors about myself as much as everyone else does. lol Really want to make me happy? Start one for me... it's getting tiring starting them all myself... lol
Wow! Did you know your hair is really long? Really? Is that what it is? Yeah, it's long. Thanks for pointing that out. I never would have figured that out without your help... you must be some sort of genius...
Do you really have a thing for blondes? Huh? I don't get it. Who told you that? I don't think that's true since I don't hair-discriminate in my biases... lol oh the irony...
Do you work here? Crikey! What's up with this, do you follow me around?!? No, I don't work here! Just because I'm college age and wearing a nice shirt does NOT mean I work here. Go away, that dress is just awful and will make you look even fatter than you already are. Honestly, what were you thinking?
Have you found Jesus? Is he missing again? No, seriously. I have and we're on great terms, as if it were your business. I'll let him know you're looking for him when I talk to him tonight...
What is the meaning of life? There is no meaning, not really. Life is what you make of it. So have fun and don't be mean
Why do you make up names for some of your friends but not others? Well, originally it was for fun but it got hard and rather time-consuming... so I don't anymore... bad enough I have to remember the old ones so I don't blow anyone's cover...
Do you know you look just like Lindsay Lohan? No. I don't. Can you feel the lasers from my eyes melting you yet?
What's going on between you and that guy? What guy? I'd like to know... will you ask him for me? I'll save your place in the lunch line...
Do you come here often? I do try to update this often but if you're hitting on me you'd better stop. I have a 'friend' named Killer who just got out of jail and he doesn't like people chatting me up...
What's your marital status? Who's asking? I've never been married, though I guess I came kinda close that once. It wouldn't have worked out in the long run, and I ended the relationship (Sorry, Paul Walker... we're from two different worlds... yours is on the back of my bedroom door as a poster and mine is elsewhere in the world... So, farewell ...)
Who are/were your heroes? Other than Mum I'd have to say... uh... well, I admire: Galileo Galileo, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., David Bowie, Wonder Woman, Maroon 5, Madonna, Queen, Professor P. Klebba, Mr. Hamilton... those are the ones that come to mind at this moment... (honestly I just typed whoever came to mind... lol)
Have you ever been drunk? No. (don't ask around either unless you'd like to refer to one of the questions addressed earlier...)
Do you smoke? No. Never will. Had to watch loved ones die from their habits and now choose not to repeat their mistakes...
Do you, like, get high and stuff? No. Duh. Just because I want to be a pharm girl later doesn't mean a thing...
Pepsi or Coke? Coke (well, would rather have Dr. Pepper but if have only those two inferior substitutes...)
Burger King or McDonald's? Once would have said McD's but am rather a BK convert after living in the dorms last year with the BK downstairs... that was so nice....
Mac or PC? PC... I don't have anything witty here...
Boxers or briefs? Well... I, personally, wear girl underwear... but I think I prefer blokes who wear boxers... not that I really know or care... just answering the question...
Half-full or half-empty? Totally half-full. Who completely fills their cup anyway? You'd end up spilling it everywhere... or rather I would were the cup-holder me...
Cats or dogs? I like the look and essence of cats better but am totally enamored by my parent's sheltie Chaco... he's the sweetest, most adorable thing ever!
What is your favorite...? I don't generally enjoy answering 'favorite' questions. Maybe it's the rebel in me but I generally can't pick one favorite band/album/song/movie/place to die/etc. However, for the curious (and/or bored), here is an ever-changing list:
Bands/artists: Queen, Eagles, Maroon 5, the Darkness, No
Songs: "She Will Be Loved" Maroon 5; "You're So Vain" Carly
Movies: "Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail"; "Princess
Bride"; all the Indiana Jones movies; "The labyrinth"
Books: "Surprised
by Joy" ~ CS Lewis
Alcoholic drinks: I don't drink so don't have a favorite
here yet
Dwarves: Happy and Grumpy
Video games: Blinx, Splinter Cell, and
Fruits: Cherry, Apple, Grapes, Queen...
Monty Pythoners: John Cleese,
Eric Idle
Comic strips: "Dilbert," "The Far Side," "Non sequitur"
Blue or red... (crimson and cream always)
Colognes: most men's cologne turns
me into a giggly pile of much... I really like Curve for men but don't tell
How's the school thing coming along? It's there. Rather not fun but I'll survive...
What is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything? Your mother
Are you for real? Is anybody for real? Really? I don't lie on here, though I may not tell everything either. Come on, I have to have some dignity, right? That and if I repeated half the things I think you would know how crazy I am.
Are you unbreakable? No such luck. While it is true that I've never broken a bone, I have suffered my share of injuries (amazingly when you run a bike into a parked car you don't tend to hurt much other than your pride...). I've been remarkably free from disease and infection. I'm fairly certain it doesn't mean I'm a superhero, though, Superwoman complex or not...
Will you ever lighten up? Lighten up what? My hair is just about the only thing that could be lightened any more... my skin is bright white, I laugh too much already, and my weight is just right I think
Why do you use the word Crikey so much? It's better than cursing and makes me laugh. Like, have you heard my Aussie accent? lol
I've heard you don't sleep much? Yeah, well... college kinda does that to me... If it weren't for the physical requirements of this darn physical body thing I wouldn't sleep at all. Alas, that's not really an option. So I'll keep on with 5-6 hours a night and sleep through our next phone conversation... lol
Where are you going? To the moon unless you get sent there first
Do we have a tarp? Well, since I got rid of that paparazzi guy who thought I was L.L.... no, we don't have one any more... maybe there'll be a sale at Tractor Supply soon... (Julia, the hall's getting full again... may not have much room over the winter season... lol)
Are we there yet? No, we're not! Just like we weren't 2 seconds ago... Honey, pull over. Johnny is riding in the trunk the rest of the way...
Will you marry me? What do I look like? An Mrs. major? No. Besides I don't like the way you snuck that question in here...
Does anybody know what time it is? Does anybody really care? It's time for you to STFU.
Can you hear me now? I wish you weren't a liar.
Why are there so few questions here? Well, see, these are only the frequently asked questions. Ask me some more, a bunch, and I'll add them to the list. Let's have a little commenting action here!


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