10 November 2004

Where's my sunshine?

Wow! It's pouring outside! I just got in from class and am completely soaked! Crikey!
Dance went well Monday. Other than being hellishly hot in the ballroom it was fun. Didn't really learn anything new but that's alright. They all get so confused in my head anyway... I don't think I can put the name with any of the dances other than the waltz, tango, and electric slide. Rather sad, huh?
Went to WallyWorld yesterday afternoon so now we can eat! Yeah!
Got to visit Dawn and Marie yesterday. Had a blast. Marie is sooooooo adorable! She's getting big too. Will be a year old just after Thanksgiving! I can hardly believe she's not a tiny baby anymore. Won't be long before she starts talking! Wow!
I've really been missing Dawn. I hate, hate, hate the fact that we aren't able to hangout as often now. Rather hard when we live an hour or so apart. We're also both growning up and becoming slightly different people. At one time we were basically inseperable whereas now we're just very close friends. Still on sister level but it's not the same. Guess it's a good thing, though, since we both need to do some maturing. lol.
And, gracious, she's trying to convince me to give her brother another try. He's a year older than us and was, at one time, one of my very close friends. Some history happened and now I don't think I've seen or talked to him for at least a year and a half (and then it was only to find out if Dawn was doing alright). We don't have anything in common anymore other than Dawn and he doesn't even like to be around Marie, a reaction which I find just terrible and stupid, not to mention rude. There is no reason for us to get together. Why doesn't she get that? Not that I wouldn't like some companionship but I'd almost rather do without for a really long time than get hurt by him again, which is inevitable as I well know. Here I go ranting again. Sorry. The weather isn't helping...
I would really enjoy a nap but must go to physics this afternoon. Urgh...
This started off happy but is progressively not so much... appologies. I'll call it quits for now with the intent to write more soon and be just freakin' happy/hilarious next time. Ta-ta Dearies!

There are quantities of human faces, but there are many more faces, for each person has several. -Rainer Maria Rilke


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