05 November 2004

Chillin' at home

Hola mis amigos! Que Pasa? De nada aqui... aqui para ala casa de mis padres. Yeah, so I'm watching El Marichi as I type this and felt inspired to write in spanish... or not.
I got to come home this weekend. Yea!
I got honked at by a truck driver on the way here. So, yeah, I feel like one super foxy hottie. Especially since he was really old and creepy looking. Rock my world Mr. Trucker... in your dreams! lol (can you tell that I don't take compliments well, even just implied ones? lol)
Chaco says "howdy" to ya'll!
Well, I'm tired so I'll talk to ya later! Have a great weekend!
"99 dreams I have had.
In every one a red balloon.
It's all over and I'm standing pretty.
In this dust that was a city.
If I could find a souvenier.
Just to prove the world was here.
And here is a red balloon
I think of you and let it go."
~99 Red Balloons -Nena


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