17 November 2004

Dancing faults incurred under the influence...

Under the influence of what is still being questioned. The weather? Carbs? Boys? Who knows?It's inevitable. I get a great dance partner in Ballroom class and then I proceed to go completely braindead. This nice fellow had to put up with me for 2 whole songs doing the Tango. I felt so terrible. Not like we haven't been practicing this specific dance since the start of the semester. He was so patient. I mean, he was stepping on my toes pretty often but that wasn't his fault, I really wasn't moving my feet quick enough or in the correct direction most of the time. No, I'm not hurt, other than my pride. And Sir, really, I'm not that terrible all of the time. Thank you for your unending patience. Hope you got a laugh out of it or something.
Had to present a group project today in Peoples of the World. Topic: the Silk Road. Good times. Actually, it went fairly well. I think we should get an A or high B. I found it funny that our sucky group leader decided that we should all give the guy who couldn't make it to all of the meetings full points on the peer evaluations. The only reason he missed so often was because the meetings kept being set during one of his classes. That and our leader kept forgetting to tell him about meetings. How hard is it to add another email address to an email that you're sending to 7 other people already? Almost like it was on purpose... Anyway, he thinks we should give the guy full points, which I agree on, but his reasoning is that this is a blow off class and we should just say he did his share to the fullest. Right. So he's really just covering his own butt. He knows he did a terrible job as a leader and doesn't deserve even half the peer eval. points. But if everyone is getting the full 10 pts then he makes sure to get in on that action. Whatever. I talked to the other girls (not discriminating, it just happened that we were talking and the guys weren't there. Sorry. I'll talk to them Thursday, promise) and they agree that Mr. Leader should, and likely will, get what he actually deserves. Ha. That'll show you for volunteering to be in charge then not acting on that role at all other than to justify your own slacking off. Good times... Sorry for the ranting but it really hacks me off to see people being lazy and then manipulative to cover their laziness.
OOoohhh! It misted all day today. Nice, I know. Really enjoyed it. Other than the sun not being out it was a great weather day in my book...
Well, I'm only awake until my laundry finishes... so I'll stop here and get ready for bed. Ya'll have a great Wednesday!

Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders which make no sense. - Henry Miller


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