15 November 2004

Controlling the rain is thirsty work

Today I was cruising around online, reading other people's web journals...
Read one from this guy who made a list of attributes for the girl he wants to meet, i.e. wants to meet, fall in love with, and end up with in the long run. Was really very sweet. (Hey, too bad I'm not living out on the East coast, huh?)
"A girl who will let me cook her breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday and every afternoon and every night. A girl who will let me caress her hair. A girl who I can take naps with. A girl who will watch, and tolerate stupid violent movies with me. A girl who will do stupid random things with me. A girl who I can just talk with. A girl who will stick with me while I am in the Army. A girl who looks amazing in camouflage (only joking). A girl who I can complain to. A girl who will complain to me. A girl who absolutely loves Jesus with all of her heart. A girl who loves me almost that much. A girl who has an outstanding passion for music."
Got me thinking... So I made my own list for my perfect guy. Cheesy I know, so I'm not going to post it but made me laugh all the same. So you think about it... see if you can't think up the perfect person for you. Bet ya can!
I don't wanna be a chicken. I don't wanna be a duck. I just wanna shake my...
Laughing at people who are walking alongside the road when they get splashed terribly by a passing vehicle is just cruel. Especially if they're dressed up nice in suits and nice slacks. (No! It was funny as all get out! I promise! It was!!! Muahahahahaha....) Besides slacks is just a funny word. Who cares if it just refers to pants? Slacks. Slacks. Slacks. Slacks. Doesn't sound like a real word anymore. lol
I like the rain. I truly do. Guess my parents cursed me that way, naming me as they did and all. Love the rain but also like looking nice and decent, which are apparently mutually exclusive. Too bad. It rained again today. I enjoyed riding my bike to class this morning in it but ended up soaked by the time I reached Organic chem class and, thus, squeeked into the room and drip-dried all through the lecture. Was almost dry when it was time to leave. Back here in the rain again. Got even more wet than I had been the first time. Looked like a sad, wet cat. Quite a distinctive look, don't you think? But I still love the rain.
Have a groovy day!
Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life. - John Updike


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