18 December 2004

In which I talk too much about rolls...

I am home. It's very nice.
I'm still very sleepy after having gotten only 3 hours of sleep for Friday and about 8 this last night. I'm such a wussy. lol We have family staying over for the weekend. Good times.
Currently watching the rolls for Mum so she could go get cleaned up to go shopping a bit later. (She's making homemade dinner rolls for our family Christmas thing tonight. They smell great! Yum.)
Julia reports that Sushi is doing well. But I think she erroneously believes he doesn't miss me. What a load of bunk. Of course he does! lol
Must get going... loads of stuff to get done! Ya'll have a great weekend!
(Dork is watching as I type this and is making derogatory comments. He's so full of himself now that he's 16. lol Love you punk)
"A roll a day makes everyone happy" ~Dork ("hehehe, makes me look all cheesy now...")


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