26 December 2004

Christmas is nearly over...

Christmas was pretty darn great!
Things went well and we all enjoyed a nice day. Opened presents around 8ish and then had traditional breakfast of homemade biscuits and gravy when Grandpa, Grandmum, and Leroy showed up. Grandmum had her new digital camera (and she is so very not high-tech so this is scary for her) and she took a bunch of terrible pictures, ie cut off heads and had pics of the floor and wall... She almost got a shot of my cleavage (what little exists) accidentally which made us all laugh when she said, "Oh honey, I almost got your chest!" Crazy Grandma. Maybe she needs a tripod? lol
Mum's brother came later for lunch. Other than that we spent most of the day just messing around. Dork played his new gamecube games. (007 and LOTR games) Much later we watched Shrek 2. It was pretty good.
Taking Courtney home Friday was a hoot. Talked the whole way to Hennrietta where we were meeting with my uncle, her stepdad, who was taking her the rest of the way. We had lunch with them at the Pig Out Palace. Isn't that hilarious? There were shirts there that I was very tempted to get... Those would make great gifts for any occasion. lol
(Update to "cupcake goodness iced with envy" from Dec 17th... I was right but they didn't work out so everything is back to as it was. Envy was misplaced and irrational. Proving again that I am crazy.)
Apparently I did well on my finals. Ended the semester with A's in Peoples of the World and Mythology and B's in Physics and Organic Chem. Passed Ballroom, of course. I'm happy with my grades. Not perfect but good enough for me and, hopefully, good enough to get into Pharm school (only need a 3.0 GPA).
My lovely aunt had surgery on her knee (and her ACL?) and is doing much better. I didn't know she was having surgery until the day before she had it done (on Wednesday). Been to see her and take some books to keep her occupied. I think she's going to drive my uncle crazy but they'll have fun with it too. They're so goofy and lovely.
The Cat is bonking me with her head to tell me that it's time to pay some attention to her. Oh! Courtney got a new little puppy. A chocolate-coloured Dachshund named Buddy. Yeah for puppies and kitties. (The Puss in Boots in Shrek 2 is the cutest ever and the fact that his voice is done by the awesome Antonio Banderas only adds to the cuteness. YEA!)
My ankle are still a little sore from ice skating. That was a blast though. I hope I can go again soon.
Dork got me a pony for Christmas. One of those stick ponies that make noise when you press the button on its ear. My pony doesn't have a name yet... so please help me with that??
Mum and I recently lightened my hair a little more. My main goal was to make my roots less noticeable. It looks nice but isn't that different from what it already was so don't expect to be shocked. I still look just like me. Promise.
Happy Day After Christmas! I think that's all I have to say. Will fill you in more later as I think of silly junk... lol.

"I've got to be honest, you're wasting your time if you're fishin' around here."- "You must be mistaken, I'm not foolin' this feelin' is real." - "You've got to be crazy! What do you take me for? Some kind of easy mark?"- "No, you've got wits, you've got looks, you've got passion, but I swear that you've got me all wrong." ~ Dashboard Confessional


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