05 September 2006

Kopophobia - fear of fatigue...

Study? Not yet. Run and shower? Will in a minute. Right now I'm talking to my lovely fiends. Yes, fiends. No, I did not leave out an "r".
Survived that physio test this morning. Was one of the first 5 people to leave so that's weird but since I did the best I could it'll work for now.
Jen and Steve, I miss you guys too. I'm just not the same without the house... it's true. I'm much lamer. Lamer-er. Oh yeah. So I'll come visit really soon, promise. And I'll bring some candy...
I'm going to play football on the intermural pharmacy girls team. First practice is tomorrow, we'll see how that goes... Wish me luck and if you know any good plays (heck, any plays at all since I'm clueless) let me know!
I had another Lindsay Lohan comparison in class the other day. It was my Pharm practice professora, she pointed me out to her fellow professora and said, "And that's [Curious Mistiness] up there. I remember her because she looks JUST like Lindsay Lohan. Don't you think? She really does!" And to make me feel better, since it was obvious that this was not the highlight of my day, she pointed out one of my fellow classmates and said, "[Curious Mistiness], you're not the only celebrity-lookalike here! Christina (name changed to protect the innocent (or at least victimized)) here looks just like Cher!" The girl looks nothing like Cher. I would never have thought, "Hm, that girl looks strangely like Cher." Nope. Never. Because she doesn't. But then one of my other classmates turned around and said, "No, I really think you look more like Bernadette Peters." Which I really don't see either. (For those keeping count that's added to the list of Lindsay Lohan, Rose McGowan, and Winona Rider, plus the little creepy girl from The Ring. Yeah...) So I should just be famous by association. But I'll remember the little people, don't worry. I'll remember...
I made an A on my math test last week! Yay!!! (It was stressing me out because to pass the test the most you can miss is one to get a C (I think it's a C anyway)).
Anyhoo... off to run and study! Love to all and Happy Tuesday!!!!


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