23 August 2006

pharm and rain

So I've gotten through three days of classes... My rating is that it's not too bad. Some of it was a little boring but then we were just going over syllabi and getting used to the classroom technology. Have met a lot of my classmates already and am still working on remembering all the new names to connect them with faces. Always a good time. It's going to be 4 challenging years but I'll make it out okay. Especially now that I've figured out how to open my pharm mailbox combination BY MYSELF!!! WOOOO!!!! Nothing can stop me now!!!
Same old, same old around the house.
I went to the grocery store right after I got home from class and it looked like it was raining way Northwest but I wasn't worried so I hurried through shopping, as I always do because who likes grocery shopping, only to get outside and find it POURING down rain like it was the next great flood or something. I was wearing one of my favorite tops, a very light pink tee that is wonderful - Except when wet, when it not only becomes see-through but also gains the properties of plastic wrap, sticking to me in the most unflattering way and refusing to be adjusted. Also, cute new shoes. So I ran to my truck accompanied by crashes of thunder to be greated by a cart-rustler, clad in a poncho, laughing his head off at me. Now, I don't usually take things personally or think anyone gives a crap about the stupid mistakes I make but there was noone else outside (could it be because no one else is dumb enough to go to the store in the middle of a rainstorm?) and he was looking right at me sarcastically like he wanted to make a comment. I handed over my cart and hustled back to the safety of my truck where I steamed up the windows before I was out of the parking lot. So it was fun driving. When I got home, which is, keep in mind, less than 2 minutes away, the sky was barely sprinkling and the sun was shining. Arrrgh! Good times.
Now off to finish the first Pharm Math module... Love to all and Happy Mid-week!


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