04 August 2006

Friday in summer

So the woodtrim in my room is painted... Pretty exciting stuff. Makes the formerly white walls look really dingy so painting the walls is for sure a must now more than ever before.
Been reading another book on genetics (because no matter how boring and hard the class at OU was I still enjoy learning about that sort of stuff. Let's see... I find chem hard and boring but genetics hard and interesting... maybe I'm going into the wrong field??), this time on mitochondrial DNA, which is passed on only on the maternal side (the father provides only nucleic DNA while the mum provides both nucleic and mitochondrial). It's pretty interesting stuff when you really start thinking about it since with fewer chances for mutations and no mixing during fertilization, by utilizing mitochondrial DNA scientists can map the entire human population into a phylogenetic tree which is amazing in and of itself!!! (This book is The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes if anyone is interested in the subject.) I'm still working through the book but I suppose it's fitting that this will be one of the last personally chosen books I'll be reading for the summer. (Then on to Pharm texts!! Woo! And the peasants rejoiced! So did the pheasants!!! Yay!)
A thought from the Heathers, "If you were happy everyday of your life, you'd be a gameshow host."
Been getting that song Lips of An Angel by Hinder stuck in my head... Surely there aren't any subliminal messages in it?? Haha...
No longer have my house in Norman anymore... makes me sad. I already miss living by campus and hanging out with everyone between trying to study and work.


Anonymous Skronky adoringly said...

I haven't heard you sing the Doom song in so long sometimes I have to pull over it gets so bad. I must record you singing it on my phone! What a great alarm it would make for school day mornings!

4:14 PM  

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