15 August 2006

Curtain Hangers of DOOM

I curse ye curtain hanger things!!!! Thou art of the Devil and thus entirely evil!!!! Be gone! I banish thou to the farthest corners of Hades!
So I had run in with curtain hanger things yesterday and then another set of them rebelled today. I swear they are out to steal my sanity. I spent twenty minutes hanging just my curtains yesterday! They were already on the rod and the hanger things were already attached to the wall; ALL they had to do was cooperate and stay up!!!! BUT NO!!! They just had to fight it! ARRRGH! Then today I hung pictures in the bathroom and had to take down the curtains to measure (so it would be even) and they, they who had been peacefully hanging in the same place for MONTHS decided they didn't WANT to stay there! I talked to it reasonably about how lovely where it belongs is... nice view, good temps, etc. But to no avail. Thirty minutes later I said to heck with it, tried once more, and they stayed. Goodness...


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