20 September 2006

Elevator Music

I did not send this in but I lived the scenario for a whole year in the dorms. We lived on the 3rd of ten floors. Seriously, that bell would ding all day and night long, especially on 'party night'. I lived right next to the end of the hall with the elevators and it was all I could do sometimes to not go out there to tell them to take the stairs for goodness sake and get some exercise! Some of them REALLY needed it, especially after all the partying caused them to develop a gut...
Anyhoo... Had to wash my hands today after lunch at school (barbeque sandwiches do that to ya) and headed to the Ladies' room. Wash, wash, wash... Then I turned to grab a paper towel only to stand there for several long seconds wondering why there weren't towels in the dispenser to have it finally dawn on me that I was not standing in front of the paper towel dispenser.... It was the feminine products dispenser-machine thing... Yeah, that was the highlight of my day; It cracked me up that much.
Hope ya'll have a great Thursday!


Anonymous Skronky adoringly said...

Yes that has happened to me more than once. What a silly thing!

5:32 PM  

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