06 May 2008

Procrastinating during Finals Week

'Tis the middle of Finals Time... But thankfully my worst, most truly scary final is "done & did" and I no longer have the power or will to change/affect/effect/think about that one any more. Just Pharm Administration Mgmt and Neuro Module finals left (neither of those is cumulative or I would be sweating bullets about both) Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. Not sure that I hit the mark of "a better person that has discipline and motivation out the wazoo" but I have been trying very hard. I will be so thrilled to finally be done with the semester. 'Twas mostly even a very good semester, just terribly long.

Skronky is graduating in a few days with his Bachelors degree (YaY!!!) so his mom called me up to get me in on a little grad party for him. We were to meet them at a local German restaurant for an early dinner Sunday but it was to be a surprise to Mr. Skronky so I had to fudge my tush off to keep him from figuring out where we were going. Did I mention he was driving? THAT was the most difficult part to maneuver, getting him to turn in there and park somewhere that he didn't think was our ultimate destination for the outing. I was so very nervous/anxious that he would be mad at me for keeping the secret (since he hates surprises) that apparently I seemed mad/upset most of the way there purely from trying not to talk or give anything away! Irony, huh? He wasn't mad, the food was great, and our parents finally got to meet after 2.5 years of hearing about each other. Hurrah for fun!
In other news, I'll be old soon. Very. Very. Old. Just so you know. But since it comes with cake that's okay, right? Be at my house this Friday night around 6pm and you can have a sopapilla. Yes, and probably cake. Or pie if I'm feeling sassy...
Love to all and to all a good night! (And if you have any tests this week, either scholastic or the life sort, best wishes! We all need a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card at some time or another, right?)

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