14 May 2008

Moving on past 2nd...

Passed each of my finals and ended with a 3.2 GPA for the semester! (2 A's, 5 B's, & 1 pass in a pass/fail elective) Woohoo!!!! I am VERY happy about how this semester turned out - much better than my 3 previous semesters of pharmy school.
My birthday party last week was fun with family and food. Cake, pie and sopapillas! Mom and I went shopping today to celebrate the end of the semester and my birthday. One mall, 2 craft stores, 2 garden centers, and one happy hour (at Sonic) was as much as we could stand before heading home. Again I am glad that neither of us is over-blessed with the love-to-shop gene. Would be miserable for the other of us.
If you're interested in a fun time this weekend near Norman, Oklahoma check out the Spring Wine Festival at
Canadian River Winery on Saturday from 10am – 6pm. Looks like fun to me!

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Blogger Jarrett adoringly said...

Hey Misty Dawn, I am glad to hear your birthday went well and you are doing fine in school.

10:47 AM  

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