24 July 2008

Malaysian cherry vs cookies

Thought about posting. Decided not to... Then changed my mind. Thus is the shambles of my decisiveness that I am left with after ten hours with Marie, the four year old child cookie-making-prodigy known-as-my-goddaughter.
I'm thinking about entering her cookies in our
county free fair next month, by the way (if her mama approves). I think that would be neat even if she doesn't win (and honestly, she'll be up against eight year olds who can actually read the recipe for themselves so who, other than those biased by love, would call her the front-runner?) I might just enter one of my homemade dresses as well since there is a section for sewing as well. Fairly certain I won't be entering any livestock or woodcarvings so if anyone wants a sure-win category stick to one of those, huh?
Went camping with Skronky on Monday down at the
Lake of the Arbuckles. Very pretty lake, nice on-the-water tent site, and a good time all-around. (Well, raccoons got two of our ears of corn that we carelessly left out but since that was the biggest loss we'll take it.)
My hair is currently "
Malaysian cherry" which means slightly reddish. I like it. Only the month-long stuff so if you want to catch a peek you'll have to hurry!

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