24 June 2008

Water barrel to compost barrel

Been busy with all the regular old stuff. Grocery shopping, laundry, studying, cleaning house, planning what to have for dinner, brainstorming on my next sewing project. The usual suspects.

I'd like to brag for a minute about how crafty Mr. Skronky is... My granddad gave him 2 old plastic barrels since they were in the way (and not in the newest condition) to try to convert into water storage containers to catch the rainwater off the roof of his house (Skronky's original idea that trickled down until it reached Grandpa who miraculously had such barrels available). Well, we hauled the barrels to Skronky's where his distracted girlfriend managed to bust the bottoms of the barrels even worse while unloading making them even less useful for water. That was several weeks ago. This last weekend (Saturday was his birthday!) he put into action the idea to make one of the barrels into a compost bin. Some drilling, cutting, adding of hardware and the compost barrel was done! Ta-da! Kudos to his craftiness as well as his thriftiness!

Instead of my normal sewing kick I've taken a forray into cooking again. And not just cookies my dear friends. Shrimp fettucini alfredo with a side of green beans followed by a dessert of bananas foster. That's the menu for tonight! Tomorrow is looking like baked herb chicken on a mixed greens salad with feta cheese and olives. Later in the week sometime lasagna will pop in to grace our table. Those are as far as I've gotten for this week...
Skronky and I even enjoyed some sushi again this last weekend. Did California rolls (avacado, cucumber, and imitation crab meat) and a mushroom variation (mushrooms sauted with olive oil and basil with the cucumber and avacado as before). Very yummy!

Marie (my goddaughter as those of you in the know... well, know.) stayed with me last Thursday and we had such a blast at the park, making cookies, visiting Grandmum, and watching cartoons that we're doing it again this week! Four and a half year olds are the best entertainment value-wise. Keep ya busy anyway...

Well, I do hope everyone is enjoying a lovely week with all this warm weather.

"Life is a festival only to the wise." - Emerson

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