17 June 2008

Grace to you and peace...

Welcome to today! We've been expecting you for quite some time now...
Life's been busy and fun.
Attended a beautiful wedding Saturday for a wonderful couple - Blessings and warm wishes! (They planned everything well, kept things moving, and were just down-right adorable to boot!)
Have recently discovered several things on the "internets"...
  • How to make your own worm bin... Which would be awesome to keep that whole reduce-reuse-recycle movement going strong.
  • Kvetching open letters that crack me up - They're, frankly, addictive and I find myself composing letters in my head that would take hours to write out completely.
  • is wonderful to search around. I haven't posted or replied to anything yet but LOVE the idea that every one's sharing stuff to keep from sending all this "junk" to the trash heap.
  • Last and best, I've been thinking on religion a bit lately and was concerned that perhaps I was straying from the way I was raised since I haven't been attending a regular worship service in, admittedly, several years. Not that such would be horrible but would require much more thinking, you see (also not a bad thing). So I hopped over to The Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) to refresh my mind on what I'd been taught growing up in a Midwest Presby family. I was amazed and awed to find out that I'm still very much Presbyterian in my beliefs. It's terribly reassuring to discover anew that there are other people who believe the same things you do. Granted, I don't necessarily fit in on EVERY point but very much the majority of them. Yay! I'm very hopeful that such new found knowledge will inspire me to take the next step toward finding a new church home...

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