28 September 2004

Oh, but now you're finding out, I'm a little bit crazy..

Yeah, it's late at night... I should be asleep but, obviously, I'm not. I donno. Lost feeling is back. Sometimes I have it so together and sometimes, like now, I so don't. I mean, okay, this is strange to put in words. I could convey much better in person.
Not that I ever totally lose it (well, hardly ever. Come on, if you know me, how many times have you seen me crying when not connected to laughing? Or truly raging mad? The only ones who could maybe say more than once are my immediate family, Dawn, or Julie Rene. And even they might not be able to swear by it...) just sometimes I'm only holding half my marbles with the other half bouncing and rolling around in the gutter. The only thing that's always stable is my faith and my love for my family. Is it totally normal to want to go off and do something wild and crazy for no reason other to have done it (and I don't mean to brag about it, honestly, to just have done whatever it is and be content with the action)? Rather hard to be the good girl I always am all the time. Not that I want to be bad but I get sick of always caring what others think and expect of me; being bad has its charms too.
Anyhoo, yeah, I'm nutso. Thanks.
Worked Sunday morning. Studied that afternoon. Julia and Sharice made cupcakes. I helped a little but mostly just watched. They're really good. yummy.
Evil Org. Chem test this morning kicked my tush. Physics was just there. Dance was fun; took a nap before class. We ran to Walmart a bit ago after picking up Sharice Janice at the Huff... neither Julia or I had ever been inside, which is funny since we are Sooners and lived in the Dorms last year and all... oh well, just proves how eccentric we are, right? Well, this week is going to keep me busy... Hope ya'll take care and have fun. Love ya!

"Now I'm not so bad and I'm not so hot
I said I don't care but I cared a lot
It was changes that I wanted
Changes that I got... Ready or not" - Evan & Jaron


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