20 September 2004

"You can ring my bell"... or not

What a gorgeous day! It was absolutely beautiful outside and events were liveable if not pleasant. That O. Chem quiz was a biotch but I was the first one done so I'm going to hope I just did them all very well, very fast, right? Physics wasn't too bad, just started chapter 4 and talked about the test we had had Friday. Good times. After I got back here I tried to work on homework but was having trouble concentrating since nothing is due very soon, thank goodness. Then Julia got home and we talked for quite some time. That was nice. Since I don't have Dawn here I get full of talk and almost burst so I take it out on my poor, defenseless roommates. Thanks girls!
Dance class was fun, as always. (I'm convinced my dance teacher's favorite song is that darn ring my bell song. I'm begining to hate that evil song.) Houston made it this time. Turns out she just skipped last week so she isn't sick or anything. She invited me to something Thursday, not sure but it sounded fun so I'll likely go, plus this isn't an all-girls thing like last time (which was rather trying since I had to make myself be very nice and polite). (But only if I'm a good girl and get my other work done first. Promise.) We did the Cha-cha, waltz, tango, country line dance, electric slide, and swing. No salsa today. Learned a spin for the waltz and worked some more on the cha-cha since we just started that last week. Had good partners. None worse than I am so that's good (though I do hate to hold back a very good dancer with my mess-ups. Feel guilty for wasting his time - lol). One fellow was very good but also very flamboyant. I think he might have been a bit fruity but who am I to judge? Just because he was dressed perfectly and danced much better than me... and talked "cute" and was very dramatic. Who knows? He could be the straightest dude out there and just very, uh, special. There ya go?
Now I just need to work on my journal for Peoples of the World. I've been putting it off since it takes so much time to work on. But I will work on it tonight.
I am so tempted to watch a movie tonight. I won't do it... I'll be good... ugh...
Hey. If I haven't talked to you in a long time, leave me a comment or email me (or better yet, call me.) I need to catch up with all of my friendy-friends. I miss everyone it seems. Life is so short and I end up wasting most of mine on homework and my job. So give me a kick and I'll get right back to ya! Love ya'll!

Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. - Elbert Hubbard


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