09 September 2004

I miss sleep

Ugh. I am so very sleepy. Going to bed early. So this will be short.
Julie visited us yesterday. Was fun. Talked a lot. Good times. Then I stayed up way, way too late working on homework and reading. Not recommended.
Today went well. Classes were alright. Anthro went well, notes and a short reading quiz. Myth was just a test; A really easy test in fact. Took me less than 4 minutes to take. I think that's a record even for me.
I went to an extra credit opportunity this evening. It was interesting but lasted much too long. Was titled "Islam Under Siege"and given by Ahkbar Ahmed. He's an excellent speaker by the way. I'd write more about it but I'm too tired to think straight and would get confusing. His most important point was that all nations need to be open to dialogue with other countries. I thought it was a very valid point, for what my little opinion counts.
Alrighty, ya'll might not be hearing from me until Sunday or Monday since I'm a masochist and signed up to work a bunch this weekend... which cuts into my loafing around time considerably... lol Later!

Once you get people laughing, they're listening and you can tell them almost anything. - Herbert Gardner


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