02 September 2004

Studying is for wussies...

Yeah. I'm still awake. Woohoo. Okay, so I couldn't sleep and decided ya'll needed to know that. I ought to study some more but a girl can only handle so much at once. I'm about to go nuts. Thank goodness this is Labor Day weekend coming up; maybe I'll get to chill out a little. I get to go home! I get to go home! Yea! Yea!
Anyhoo... Yesterday... physics class was really boring. That is other than the boy and girl sitting to my left. They were funny/annoying the whole time. Started off with the cutesy girl saying very loudly, "I gotta piss like a freakin' racehorse." She was dead serious and thus left to commence the aforementioned activity. Good for her. While she was gone her fellow decided this would be a great time to practice his drumming abilities on the table with his pens. Good times. Later I was so proud to find out he knew that "gravity really works. " His mother must be proud. And the girl got every single one of our clicker quiz questions wrong. How is that possible? They aren't terribly easy but, come on, at least one right, please? Anyway, I 'enjoyed' them all hour (they were depriving 2 towns the right to a village idiot. How selfish.)
Then I drove to work. Good times. My patient was a little girl, around junior high age. Very sweet and talkative. Not any trouble at all. Had an easy shift. Got home around midnightish... went to bed pretty much immediately. (I was very tired.)
Today was lovely. Didn't have class until noon but woke up around 0800 so I could study, etc. Picked Julia up from class. Finished off the mac and cheese she had made last night. Pretty good for mac and cheese. Biked to class. Saw Morgan just before class. (Saw Travis and Haifa from HS yesterday BTW. I forgot to mention that.) Anthro was enjoyable but made me rather sad. We watched a video about the dams in India, how they're displacing the native peoples, etc. Not really an uplifting subject. Mythology was as slow and simple as ever. We still aren't really to the gods and goddesses yet. Frustratingly slow pace of the class is killing me almost as fast as the temperature is freezing me into an icicle. Good times. At least I'll have one easy 'A' class, right?

Worked on homework some more. Made dinner with Julia (Sharice was at work) as we both needed a break from studying. Then more studying. Then a short break for a run to Classic 50's for a slush and hot fudge sundae (you'll never guess which I got. Really. You won't.) We had every intention of studying some more but we got to talking. As we were gabbing one of our neighbors (who happens to be male and not bad looking) came by to borrow our can opener. Terribly exciting, no? lol Then we watched funniest home videos for about 15 minutes before I busted out the home movie of me at 5 years old. We got quite a kick out of that. Now the girls are studying again and I'm trying my darnedest to avoid it. I don't wanna. Waaaaa....
Okay. I'll go do it. Fine. Have a great weekend, just in case I forget to post until Monday.
(So, how're ya feeling? Well, almost.)

Anyone who has begun to think, places some portion of the world in jeopardy. -John Dewey


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

I do make a mean mac & cheese. Thank you KRAFT, thank you.


12:54 AM  
Blogger Curious Mistiness adoringly said...

I didn't say I had a crush on Kai. I just said he wasn't bad looking, silly Julia. Ni. You saw him too, was he hideous? No, he wasn't. There. Ha.

11:28 AM  

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