24 August 2004

Classes are here...

Class started yesterday. Went fairly well. Started out strong with Organic Chem, moved on with Physics for Life Science Majors, and finished up with Ballroom Dance. All quite lovely, esp dance (I love it despite the fact I got stepped on a lot and do not possess enough rhythm so thus got on as best as could. But it is love. Too bad it's only one day a week...) Today was alright as well; Physics discussion group, Peoples of the World (and anthropology class), and Greek Mythology. Think I'm going to enjoy the last 2 a lot and at least survive the discussion group.
Got to eat dinner with Dad and Dork yesterday since they drove down here with Mum and had to wait on her business class to finish. Had a really, honestly gay server guy who really liked my little brother's glasses and kept getting Dork refills before he was nearly a fourth done with the previous drink. Poor kid. I thought it was a hoot.
This afternoon I ran home for a 'thing' (dinner and dessert with lots of talking and gossiping) at our house for my aunt who just had my newest cousin. It was fun but I was tired and felt like being cranky so, of course, I couldn't let myself be. Made up for it by playing with the kids, trying to help with everything, and talking to my grands. Good times. The kids were pretty cute, esp my littlest cousin. She's an angel.
I'm very tired now so I think I'll call it a night. Hasta luego!

I think the family is the place where the most ridiculous and least respectable things in the world go on.- Ugo Betti


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